Where Angels Play Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony

Whereangelsplay2 whereangelsplay-germanschool WhereAngels Play TwinLights & Crowd playground3 Playground2

whereangelsplay-germanschoolPlease have your kids visit the new Daniel Barden Playground at Veteran’s Park, Bay Avenue, Highlands, NJ.    Some of our families came to  The Sandy Ground:  Where Angels Play ribbon-cutting ceremony at 10:00 am, Sunday, October 27, 2013 to present our donation of $600.00 from last year’s Advent Calendar sales.

What is the Sandy Ground Project? 

Inspired by senseless violence in Newtown, Connecticut and in an effort to restore the storm ravaged east coast after Hurricane Sandy, we endeavor to create 26 living tributes to the lives lost at Sandy Hook Elementary School as well as all children who have been victims of violence while creating safe, fun places for children to be children.

May these playgrounds provide a symbol of hope, recovery and a return to normalcy, a gift to our youth in an effort to enhance and sustain their precious childhood.


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