Mommy & Me: Mini-Mäuse

Musikgarten I Flyer-2

A wonderful playful musical introduction to a second language for young children

Time Magazine states, “The ability to learn a second language is highest between birth and the age of six.”

Why learn a second language? We live in a global economy with 24/7 connections to anyone in the world.  As more people travel abroad and stay connected through social media and online communities, being conversant in multiple languages and cultures, only builds stronger global communities.

Let us help you introduce a second language with music and play.  Get ready to bounce, rock, wiggle, and play peek-a-boo with our Mini-Mäuse “mommy and me” program for toddlers and caregivers that introduces German through music and play during our 45-minute weekly program.

Preschoolers sing, chant, dance and play simple instruments to learn additional vocabulary around nature, the seasons and animals in our internationally renowned MusikGarten program.

Ongoing cognitive and education research indicates learning a second language provides long-lasting benefits, enhances all forms of learning and sets the stage for future success.


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